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Yoga has its seeds in the beginning of time, yet it still continues to evolve. It is a live, breathing art, inspired from the depths of nature. Astanga is a unique form of physical yoga that places emphasis on the flowing energy of breath, body and mind to cultivate an inner core strength. Its primary instrument is
the body, which is led through a sequence of yoga postures (asanas). The following pages form an ideal introduction for newcomers to the subject, and
will help to deepen the awareness of anyone who is already practising. more....
You can buy and take all the supplements you can afford. You can have the best workout imaginable. You can get just the right amount of sleep. But if your mental game is off, you'll get only a fraction of the results you'll get when your brain and body are in sync.
Far too many bodybuilders lack mental strategies and direction for their training time and energy. They want to "train hard" or "get big" or "get ripped" or "lean down" or "get strong" or whatever. But when asked how they are going to achieve those goals, many are clueless. They'll work out harder, longer, or more intensely, or follow the latest stars' routines, or try the latest supplement they see hyped up in magazines, or do anything else they think will give them the edge and get them to their goal as quickly as possible.
They are like little robots with only a few instructions to follow— "Must train harder," "Must get bigger and stronger"—and they arrange their lives and schedules so that week after week they do the same things over and over that they believe they must do to reach those goals.
But it never ends. The majority of them never quite reach that goal— some because of wrong training and nutrition, and the majority because of their genetic limitations—and they get more frustrated at the lack of progress and push their bodies until their bodies just say, "I've had enough of this nonsense: time for an injury." Kaboom! more....
Nutritious Food
The basic principle of nutrition, from the yoga perspective, is to eat small quantities of high quality foods. The high quality foods are those which promote the life force of the body without producing toxins. The recommended foods are fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts. more....
During an experience of meditation we are calm, focused, happy and loving. We let go of the burden of ourselves and enter into a wider state of consciousness, awakening ourselves through practices such as yoga asanas and pranayama.
Having achieved this wonderful state, we can then learn to transfer the attitudes and awareness it fosters to all our interactions, and to maintain them in everyday situations, regardless of what is happening around us. The practice of meditation increases our awareness of ourselves and of how we relate to the rest of creation, and enables us to live fully in each moment with contentment, serenity and love.
It is possible, through the regular practice of meditation, to transform the quality of our lives totally. Many of us live constantly with the stress that arises from an overload of negativity. Meditation can free us from this, to find peace we never thought possible. more....
Nutritious Food


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